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Our single-estate coffee from Honalo Farm in the district of North Kona. We grow, process, and custom-roast coffee products that have been handled diligently to maintain high quality from the farm to the cup. Our green beans are graded on a vibrating, fluidized-bed platform to separate them into three classes: Kona Extra Fancy/Fancy/Prime ("100% Kona" classification), Hawaii No. 3, Peaberry (100% Kona), and Off-Grade. We do not subdvide the 100% Kona product into the separate classifications. Our main 100% Kona product from each harvest round is evaluated for taste: samples from each batch are medium-roasted, ground, brewed by pour-over, and taste-tested. Thus, we validate the highest taste standards for our single-estate, 100% Kona Private Reserve brand. We craft a single-estate, 100% Kona Special Selection brand, that is comprised of Private Reserve beans roasted at three different levels, combined in an optimal ratio, as determined by blind-tasting of fresh brew. Green beans designated Hawaii No. 3 form the basis of our estate-grown 100% Hawaiian coffee, which is sold at an attractive price. As a standard service, we custom roast with a fluidized-bed air roaster to four different levels: Medium (~410 deg F; just past the "first crack"), City (425 deg F), Full City (435 deg F), and Vienna (445 deg F; at the "second crack"). We can provide Blonde coffee, roasted at 390-410 deg F, on special request by e-mail contact.

NOTE: We regret that we can no longer produce and offer Honalo Farm single-estate 100% Kona coffee DECAF ("Absolute Decaf"). Unfortunately, the process of removing the caffeine from our Private Reserve coffee on site by using carbon dioxide in its supercritical fluid state has become prohibitively expensive.

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