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About Cynthiana Farm

Cynthiana Farm is located in the world-famous Kona Coffee Belt on the Big Island of Hawaii. This small family farm is situated in South Kona on the western slope of Mauna Loa volcano. We have 2 acres of mature coffee trees planted in rich, well-drained volcanic soil at an elevation of 1700 feet, which is favorable for growing the finest coffee (at this latitude and leeward geography). Our priority at this special property is to produce top-quality, single-origin 100% Kona coffee. Thus, we cultivate our 1000 coffee trees with tender-loving care, hand-picking only ripe fruit (cherry) for processing. After each harvest round, we process the cherry to remove its pulp and mucilage, wash the seed packets (parchment) with water, and sun-dry the parchment, which is then aged for at least 8 weeks in a climate-controlled storage room before milling it to release the green coffee beans. The beans are custom-roasted in small batches with our fluidized-bed air roaster. Our boutique coffee is a pure, natural, artisanal product from a single estate, with no cross-estate blending nor added flavorings. The Cynthiana Farm Private Reserve brand, based on beans of superior quality, is a gourmet coffee with distinctive Kona flavor characteristics. Our coffee is proudly grown in the USA.



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Coffee Trees in Flower

The sun moves to the north
As February breaks
The coffee trees respond
With fragrant white flowers
Clustered along branches
Oh, so ephemeral
They wither to bring fruit
Soft rain in dry season
Brings a burst of flowers
And the cycle repeats

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


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