Absolutely! Kona Coffee

Honalo Farm Peaberry Coffee 8-oz.


The coffee fruit ("cherry") normally contains two seeds ("beans"), but occasionally only one seed is fertilized, resulting in a smaller rounded (pea-shaped) bean. When our dried parchment (batch of seed packets) is hulled and sorted, we obtain a large proportion of 100% Kona Prime green beans (60-75%; our Private Reserve), a smaller amount of 100% Hawaiian green beans (10-15%), off-grade material (5-10%), and a small amount (3-5%) of peaberry green beans. Thus, peaberry coffee is a rather rare form. Since peaberry beans roast differently from the corresponding standard beans, we roast them separately. Peaberry coffee tastes different from our corresponding Private Reserve coffee in that the flavor profile is rendered more intense, with perhaps greater complexity, all other factors in the roasting/brewing process being held constant. Thus, we suggest that peaberry beans might be roasted Medium, or to one level lighter than what one’s roast preference is with our Private Reserve beans.

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