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Order 100% Kona Espresso Powder

We roast our Honalo Farm single-estate 100% Kona green beans to the espresso level (very dark; Italian roast) in small batches, then grind it to a very fine powder. This product is specifically designed for culinary purposes; it is NOT intended for brewing hot espresso beverages (as the particle size is too small). There is no grittiness when used with grilled, roasted, or baked products. Some examples of culinary uses: (1) a rub for grilling or roasting meats, with seasoning or with various rubs of choice, to provide a unique flavor effect; (2) additive for chocolate baked goods, such as chocolate cakes and brownies, to impart a mocha-like flavor; or use it to enhance an already delicious tiramisu recipe; (3) sprinkle for vanilla ice cream (served with some smoky, peaty Scotch whiskey). NOTE: This product is NOT an "instant espresso powder" (for dissolving in hot water to make an espresso drink). /// Chefs and grill-masters will appreciate the flexibility offered with our 100% Kona Espresso Powder. Spread a thin layer on meat and add other seasonings or rubs, or blend it in advance with your favorite rub. Our 100% Kona Espresso Powder will impart a roasty, earthy nuance to grilled or roasted beef, lamb, and pork. As an example, spread one level tablespoon evenly on one face of a New York strip steak, then add other desired seasonings, like salt and black pepper or your favorite rub. The fine powder adheres very well to the meat both before and after grilling.

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