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Honalo Farm Absolute Decaf 8-oz.


Absolute Decaf – This our finest single-estate, 100% Kona Private Reserve coffee that has almost all of the original caffeine removed. For decaffeination we use supercritical carbon dioxide (CO2) to extract the caffeine from green beans in our modern processing facility, while retaining amazing flavor in the roasted coffee product. (Note that we are using a safe food-grade extraction method.) It was through much experimentation that we were able to develop a proprietary process to consistently provide this very flavorful Absolute Decaf. Decaf coffee generally has a poor reputation because it has a much less pronounced flavor relative to regular coffee. Indeed, most decaf coffees are, perhaps, rather insipid. Our Absolute Decaf is exquisitely flavorful such that it will satisfy the palate of discerning coffee drinkers. The coffee is supplied as a medium-dark roast for optimal flavor development and in ground form (not whole bean). It offers a smooth, complex, refined flavor, with a wonderful aroma, gentle sweetness, low acidity, and exceptional smoothness. Our Absolute Decaf is an excellent choice for many people who must avoid caffeine intake for medical or other reasons.

Our regular Private Reserve 100% Kona coffee contains, on average, 1.5 g of caffeine per 100 g of roasted coffee, according to standard analyses. This Absolute Decaf coffee contains less caffeine per 100 g of roasted coffee than do commercially available decaf coffees that we tested. Our decaf coffee is at least 99.9% caffeine-free (by weight).

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