Absolutely! Kona Coffee

Honalo Farm Select Blend 8-oz.


Select Blend – These single-origin coffee beans constitute a fine 100% Kona product that will interest a wide range of coffee lovers. This coffee is a specially crafted proprietary blend of Medium, City, and Full City roasts, in a combination that has been taste-tested for multilayered flavor complexity. It exhibits taste characteristics relating to a specific terroir, with a flavor spectrum that reflects style, balance, richness, and smoothness. This product was crafted to deliver an exceptional flavor profile of a "house style", in the same vein as multi-vintage champagne and blended fine cognac. You will be as impressed as we are with this superb coffee.

The flavor characteristics of a particular coffee will not only depend on the single-origin source (terroir), but also on the level of roasting, from medium (~410 °F, near end of the first crack) to dark (~445 °F, middle of the second crack). Additionally, the hot beverage will vary markedly depending on the brewing method and conditions used. Unlike wine or beer, for example, one does not just open a bottle and find the beverage basically as intended by the producer. Hot coffee requires a fair degree of end-user intervention and brewing skill. Another important factor is personal taste preference, which can have a major influence. As such, it is not really possible to make specific claims about the taste of a product without also specifying many parameters upon which the taste will be dependent.

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