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Cyndie and Bruce attended the 2017 Summer Fancy Food Show in New York City, where nearly 3000 exhibitors presented their selections of excellent gourmet products. We sampled numerous food and beverage items from diverse vendors and found some really exceptional products, many of which are not available in bricks-and-mortar food stores. This experience inspired us to offer some top-quality, exciting products in our Kona coffee online store, particularly as a convenience to our loyal, discerning coffee clientele. These artisanal gourmet products are really special and are offered for purchase on "Order Gourmet Products & Gift Boxes" web-pages (see the tab in the left-hand menu list). These carefully selected items, in various categories from quality artisanal producers, will likely evolve over time. Please take a look at these fabulous items and see if they pique your interest.

From this platform, we offer decorated gift boxes that contain an ensemble of 8-10 gourmet products, according to a certain theme. The festive box will be decorated with some attractive packing materials and a colored ribbon. A decorated gift box constitutes a "variety pack", with a 10% discount from our regular product pricing applied to each item. Such gift boxes, containing one or two 8-oz bags of our 100% Kona Private Reserve coffee and a set of gourmet products, would be an excellent gift choice. The total cost includes the assorted contents, the festive box with decorations, and shipping within the USA.

For the description and price, please select the product or gift box of interest. NOTE: When certain gourmet items are depleted from our inventory (i.e., sold out), they will be removed from the available selections.

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